See the work 

       As with the photographer make sure you see a demo of the videographers work. Many clients have made the mistake of booking a videographer purely on the price, what they ended up with was disappointment.


 Who is shooting?

     After you have seen the work ask who will shoot the event. Some videographers double and triple book weddings on the same day, they will shoot one themselves and hire two other professionals ( hopefully ) to shoot the other two. Is this professional the same one who will shoot your wedding?


 Back-up Equipment

   A professional videographer should have double the equipment, back up cameras, lights, batteries, etc. This should be rule number one of his insurance policy.


 Back-up Professionals

   Who will back up the videographer if something should happen to him or her prior to the event? Many videographers are members of professional organizations, they will have a list of other professionals that can cover the shoot in the event an emergency occurs . This should be rule number two in his insurance policy.  



    Most professionals have had many years of experience in video and or film production. Framing shots, where to be at certain times, what to shoot and creative ability all take many years of practice. Do not be afraid to ask about their credentials.


 Full time job

  When looking for a videographer make sure that he or she specializes in the field. Be carefull not to hire someone who is a part timer. Be on the lookout for the DJ or Photographer that offers video on the side. Would you go to your dentist to have the oil changed in your car?  



   Make sure you ask all of these important questions before you book a videographer. Remember your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you want quality work with an assurance that it is handled in a professional manner.




Best of Luck





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